What is GROW?

GROW is the name given to an enhanced provision established for children whose progression in their current school is of concern due to barriers caused by behaviour, emotional well-being needs or social difficulties. Some of these children will have had early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties, some will have other diagnosed difficulties such as ADHD.

The GROW continuum is from 'early intervention' through to 'sustaining intervention' on the mainstream site. There is also a more intensive provision off the mainstream site for children with more complex needs, when inclusion in a mainstream is not yet appropriate. Each provides an inclusive continuum of education provision for primary aged children with emotional well-being and social difficulties.

At GROW, we aim to understand behaviour. We see children not simply as 'naughty' or misbehaving: but, as possibly stressed, scared, anxious, or confused; as people who are not making sense of the world as we might expect; and whose behaviour may be communicating their need.

Such behaviour is managed in a way that is consistent, supportive and positive, enabling the children to develop self-awareness and self-management. Developing healthy relationships is the starting point to all of our work.

The children are supported through their relationships to recognise that the way they think or act has consequences for themselves and others, and to learn different ways of handling those situations. The staff will support the children with learning different ways of thinking, understanding their feelings and their relationships. 

The specialist staff at GROW are experienced and skilful in working with children with these difficulties and are committed to keeping up with best professional practice. GROW looks on each child’s small steps of progress in self-awareness and self-regulation as major achievements, and measures progress in very individual terms.

You can find more information about how to make a referral to us here. You can also see what we have been up to on our blog.