Grow Essex

The Rainforest Of Brazil

One of our students presented her project all about the Brazilian Rainforest. She told all of us how dense the rainforest is and how different animals live in different layers of the forest.

Space and the Planets

These are the voyages of J and the starship Grow. It's 5 day mission, to explore new worlds, to seek out information about our Galaxy, To boldly go where no child has gone before....

Well done J. You did a great job on your space project

Amazing Lego

One of our children from Clacton, has made these Lego figures purely from memory! From Left to Right (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Sonic and Donkey Kong),There is also a side picture of his Bowser figure because of the detail of the shell. Fantastic learning 'JG', I think you may be destined for a job at Lego World.

Emotion Emoji's

At Grow Braintree, we asked the children to  draw their own emotion emoji's. We had a great time discussing and drawing our own ones. Some of our children challenged themselves by putting masks on the emoji's so showing expression just with the eyes.  

How diseases spread.

Braintree Grow did a project on how diseases are spread and what we can do to prevent the spread of a virus.

Beating the January Blues at Colchester (North)

At Colchester (North) we've been finding ways to bring some brightness into our lives during this tricky time. Drumming, Tai Chi, outdoor learning, science investigations and creative artwork have proved to be brilliant ways for us to feel connected with ourselves and others, and have given us a sense of achievement, success and inner calm.

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Clacton's Christmas Cross-stich

The children at Clacton intensive GROW have been challenging themselves to complete Christmas cross-stitch. They have shown perseverance and have not given up on a tricky task. They are all extremely pleased with their creations and can't wait to give them to someone special to them for Christmas.  

Invisible String

At Braintree we have been learning about how the invisible string connects us to our loved ones, so we are never alone

Thanksgiving 2020

‚ÄčToday at Braintree we learned about Thanksgiving customs and its history. One of the tasks was thinking about what we are thankful for in Grow.

Remembrance at Colchester South

At GROW South Colchester the children have participated in a variety of activities for Remembrance Day. To remember all those who have been involved and affected by war.