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Celebrating hard work and effort

One of our temporary students at Braintree finds reading and writing a massive challenge. In six weeks we can see a fantastic improvement. Great stuff!

Ancient Egypt At Newland Spring

Our topic this half term is Ancient Egyptians. We have made Egyptian necklaces, shadufs, papyrus and Egyptian mummies.  Please scroll through the pictures.

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Lego Therapy At Newland Springs

Each week the children participate in Lego Therapy. In their teams, they have made a sabre tooth tiger, a pelican, a spaceship, planes, and cars.

Online Safety

Emotional Survival Kit

Home learning in Colchester

 One student from Colchester North has been staying busy and enjoyed doing some arts and crafts at home whilst self isolating.

Colchester on Self Isolation

 At Colchester North some of us have been self- isolating and learning at home. J and his mum are an amazing team!!

Science Projects @ Colchester North

For Science Week the children at Colchester North have looked at how polar animals stay warm in artic conditions, designed a boat and tested for the best propeller and taken part in an egg drop experiment.

When asked about what other items the children could use as propellers for their boats, one child said… "I don't think a fork would work very well!"

I gotta feeling oooh oooh. Braintree Sensations

The children at Braintree have enjoyed talking about and explaining their feelings using our life-sized ginger bread person. 

How do you feel?
I feel a bit squirmy, a tad jumpy and a little tense. :-))

E-Safety in Colchester North


For Safer Internet Day on the 11th of February 2020, the children at Colchester North have been learning all about how to stay safe online. The children made a laptop and created some rules to help them stay safe online.

Steve Jobs eat your heart out