Grow Essex

We loved being bored!!

We thought about being BORED.

We noted on post-its what we would do when we are bored. We used the self-regulation dice to try things that might help us when we are feeling slow and tired to re-energize.

The Wild Girl

'A pupil at our Braiswick Grow retold The Wild Girl in a story map and then changed some key points:

the dog became a cat, the berries became grapes, the footprints were smaller and belonged to a tiger, not a bear.

He could then tell the story again, but it was his own version.'

Well done:-)))

Under our Umbrella-ella-ella

‚ÄčThe children loved putting their wellies and waterproof outfits on to go digging. They had so much fun rolling in the leaves.

Brain-tree Brains

Our children have been learning about the brain. It is important that they know how each part functions.

Wonderful Words Beautiful People

A Pupil at Grow North Colchester challenged herself to creating an adjective alphabet.  

Our Brains at Braiswick Grow

"That pink stuff is BUSY!"

After thinking and speaking about the brain (using the Cerebrum), the pupils made brains from playdoh showing the different parts.

Have you seen this man?

This term the pupils at North Colchester GROW are becoming historical researchers who will be investigating villains and outlaws from the past! Henry Catlin was accused of being a thief - and one pupil has imagined what he thinks Henry would have looked like, and has prepared his research questions ready to find out more. This pupil showed great imagination, excellent thinking skills, as well as a positive attitude to learning. Well done!

Back to School!

‚ÄčThis week, we have welcomed back the children after the Summer holidays. We have enjoyed hearing all about what they have been up to with their six weeks off! We have also been impressed with how the children have settled back in - having a positive attitude and having a go at lots of activities already! Below: one child showed us his times tables skills, and another showed us his great imagination in a storytelling game.

A proud parent

 This week, the children received their school reports for all their hard work this year. One parent commented: 

"I'm extremely proud to hear such positivity written about my child. He is a fantastic child, and once he engages in a subject or project he really dedicates to it. He is loving having a placement at GROW and this shows in his positive behaviour recently. Thank you!"

We are very proud of everything all the children have achieved this term.

Under the Sea!

We are very proud of this pupil for creating a wonderful underwater masterpiece!! This pupil not only used their creativity and imagination, but their listening and thinking skills too. We are sure these creations will brighten up the classroom. Well done!