Grow Essex

Thanks for the feedback!

GROW Clacton would like to thank a parent for this extremely thoughtful card, which reads:

"Dear Staff, 

 Lee and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate all that you do each day to support and encourage W to be the best that he can be. I know that you all go above and beyond each day for all the kids and I know that recent events mean more work. Please don't ever think that we don't know how wonderful you all are - and how important you've been and continue to be to the progress W has made. 

Thank you again."

Planting "Thyme"

The children at GROW Braintree have all helped to brighten up the school this week by planting some flowers outside of their classroom. The children all showed great listening skills, and were kind and considerate to each other as they all got involved digging and watering! 


​A mystery unfolded at North Colchester GROW this week - and it's lucky we had out very own Detective on hand to solve the case! This pupil show some amazing THINKING ABOUT THINKING skills - and didn't give up until he had found the culprit!  

Thinking about thinking

 At GROW, we teach children all about how their brains work. The Braintree team have created a fantastic new display in their classroom all about the 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' brain. Now that's something to think about! 

GROW on, tomatoes!

 A pupil at North Colchester GROW got a little soggy today while planting tomato plants for the children at GROW. This pupil not only carefully planted each of the tomato plants, but measured each one so that the children can see how much they grow over the coming weeks. Over the Summer term, the children will be learning all about pollination and wildlife, and will have many more opportunities to learn outside. 

A 'MODAL' piece of work

We are extremely proud of a new Year 5 pupil who has been learning about modal verbs in his Literacy lessons this week. This pupil used many of his helpful behaviours - having a go, listening to others, being positive, challenging myself and doing the right thing to create this MODAL piece of work! Well done. 

Georgie has siblings!

GROW Colchester South & Intensive now have a total of three chicks - two girls and one boy! The children have named them Georgie (after hatching on St George's day), Ruby and Connor the Cockerel. 

Thanks for the feedback!

A new arrival...

​Our first chick has hatched at South Colchester GROW! We would like to introduce Georgie, who was named due to her arrival on St. George's day! The children (and staff!) are excited to meet her brothers and sisters soon.

Easter Egg Hunt

The children at North Colchester GROW used their helpful behaviours on an EGGCITING Easter egg hunt today! The children used their problem solving skills to help them solve the clues, which led them to lots of different locations around the school. The children were kind and considerate to each other, sharing the eggs that they found. 

We hope everybody has an enjoyable Easter Break!