What is GROW?

GROW is the name given to an enhanced provision established for children whose progression in their current school is of concern due to barriers caused by behaviour, emotional well-being needs or social difficulties. Some of these children will have had early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties, some will have other diagnosed difficulties such as ADHD.

GROW offers a continuum across four levels of support

  1. outreach; this is when the staff from the provision only visit the school requesting the support.                
  2. school partnership support for up to 2 terms.
  3. targeted support for children with (EHCP) in partnership with the school named on the plan.
  4. Long term targeted support (EHCP) in partnership with LA SEND operations as partner Following this there will be a supported transition into mainstream or specialist provision.





What is the GROW model?

GROW is also the name of a model which is grounded in the current research developments in both neuroscience and developmental trauma.


The Essential Components of the model

Positive relationships between the child and the staff are very important; GROW looks on a child’s small steps of progress in self-awareness and management as a major achievement and measures progress in very individual terms.


The emotional, behavioural and social objectives include:


  • ensuring that parents/carers and the child fully understand the GROW provision expectations of learning and behaviour
  • helping the child learn helpful behaviours and take responsibility
  • promoting tolerance and respect for others and property
  • recognising the values of honesty, fairness, trust and courtesy
  • recognition of achievement and success
  • teaching each child about how to self-regulate and helping them to build their resilience